It takes as a reference the Valencia of the thirties, where some examples of rationalist architecture emerge linked to typologies that identify with the modern way of life.

The famous Arenas Spa is one of these first open-air constructions where people had taken up the habit of bathing in the sea. The pools of the Arenas were immediately known thanks to the excellent poster that Josep Renau designed for its opening in July 1934, and the following year they served as the venue for the national swimming championships.

The first block, with a strong ergonomic sense, with designs and construction details from naval architecture, immerse us in a revolutionary navy style that combines nostalgia and modernity. A versatile theme that adapts to a lifestyle full of sports activity, balancing well- being and comfort, juxtaposing the relaxed and tactile with the tight and energetic.

The second block, nocturnal, is full of sophistication. The lights projection immerse us in a universe of sparkles with details of iridescent plastic.
Pure lines and geometric shapes of Constructivist style with details and winks to Art Deco, establish a dichotomy of artistic styles.

In terms of colorimetry, the triad is made up of navy blue, white and orange-red that evolve towards solarized tones, yellow, pink and mauve with 3D embroidery that simulates the reflections of water.
To finish the parade, the firm nods to the swimsuit he made in 2012 for the National Synchronized Swimming Team and his participation in the London Olympics with which he won the silver medal. Swimsuit that takes as reference the scales of a marine animal made of mirror effect material as scales and that became an icon.

To end the parade, the firm makes a nod to the swimsuit they made in 2012 for the National Synchronized Swimming Team and its participation in the London Olympic Games, in which they obtained the silver medal. A swimsuit that takes as a reference the scales of marine animals, made with mirror-effect material and that became an icon.