Collection that takes as a reference the creative universe of the
French painter Henri Matisse (1869-1954) and his passion for the fusion between the pictorial and the textile design.

Tropical influences oppose elements belonging to ancestral and primitive cultures, always taking into account sensuality, ornamentation and tradition. A swimwear collection made of fluid and draped structures with lurex material that seeks the harmonic unity between graphic and formal elements. Bikinis, swimsuits and trikinis that are “scarf” shaped, with frills and knots, are intertwined over the body in a complex and unique way.

Natural details establish dichotomies to collage-effect embroidery, tassels and silk fringes that provide an oriental sumptuousness. Juxtaposed colors are blended in warm-cold combinations.
The result; women who become odalisques with eclectic prints where arabesques, geometric drawings, leaves and stripes all coexist. A graphic-ornamental universe that recreates a nomadic, fresh and sophisticated style. Designs that unfold in idyllic scenaries and unreal environments built by the creative imaginary itself.