Mercedes Benz Madrid Fashion Week

Energetic collection inspired in the beach style from California in the 90s. A bath of sophistication that does not renounce to fun and humour.

The linear and geometric cuts are refreshing and stylizing.

Reticular structures and multiple combined planes set up a complex architecture.

Overlapping tissues with different fretworks play with translucent, dressing and undressing the body in strartegical ways.

Laminated gold and lacquered colors provide a glam-chic touch.

Blacks, whites and bright sorbets combine with animal prints and kinetic strokes, expressing vitality and attitude.


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Childhood nostalgia, of those unforgettable holidays by the sea, translates into a line of vintage vocation based on the unique atmosphere of the beaches in the 60s.
Stripes, tricot drafts, wrinkled fabrics, embroidery, textures… show the spirit of the past to emphasize through candy colors combined with vanilla or white.

Reflections, shine, wet look, .. coral tones for little sirens.
Gold is interspersed in the tissues recalling the brightness of the sun when it is reflected on the sea and on the warm and golden sand.
White brings purity and blue and turquoise colours remember the the marine world wealth.
Back to embossed tissues like pique, woven stripes and small flowers.

The range of green colours will be the focus: Emerald, acid green, khaki and moss recall the thick jungle and colors of its vegetation.They combine with lilac, fuchsia and tropical flowers and remember Brazilian environments, always exotic.


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